A Scandinavian Christmas


Even before we had seen this house I had dreams of how I wanted our Christmas tree in the new house to look… and this is beyond what I could have wanted. When we packed up and moved I really wanted to take on the ‘minimal’ look in our new house. If you know me, you would know this could never happen. So when Cox and Cox sent me this beautiful Scandi tree I thought that maybe this could be the start? Or at least help me achieve that nice clean look I was going for.


The tree is made up of cylindrical poles of various lengths and its so much bigger than I expected, its taller than me! Its so clean and beautifully made and I couldn’t wait to decorate it. I strung some white handmade pom poms (left over from our wedding last year) and some fake foliage. It needed some kind of baubles hanging off it but as ours are all multi coloured I thought I would make some new ones.


I ordered some small embroidery hoops and punch needled all 10 of them in various colours. I trimmed the monks cloth fabric around the back and secured it with a glue gun. I thought they were lacking in something so added these cute little straw star decorations (these were from Winters Moon) there were a few of these left over so just hung them individually.

I love how simple the tree is but so effective and have had so many lovely comments from people. Now to decorate the rest of the house in the same manner!


Thank you to Cox and Cox for kindly gifting me this beautiful tree.

Lucy Davidson