Flower Headband DIY

How to:

What you will need: 

Tape (masking tape is ideal) 
Wire cutters
A bunch of flowers

Measure the wire around your head and start to twist the wire around until the base it is stable. This will be the base of the flower crown so will have to be stiff and not too flimsy. 

Taking your bunch of flowers, cut all the flower heads off ready to be secured to the wire base. Leave about 2 inches of stem on each flower. 

Using a strip of the masking tape, tape the flower head to the wire base. Make sure that the tape is tightly wrapped around. 

Repeat this step by adding more and more flowers to the wire base. Maybe think about having one feature flower and the where this would be placed. 

Keep going, introduce some foliage into the flowers to add some height. 

Once you have reached the end, or you have run out of flowers, tape the ends so that they are not exposed. You are now ready to wear your flower crown! Perfect for the Summer!